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Instant Payments for the Web3 Ecosystem

Empower your clients with swift account funding. Experience a seamless transaction landscape free from chargebacks, reserves, and hidden fees.

Get immediate deposits for your client accounts.

Reclaim significant margins over conventional PSPs.

Flexible Payments:

Quick top-ups using Credit, Debit, Apple Pay, SEPA, and more.

Enhanced Security:

Benefit from our advanced anti-fraud and identity verification systems.

Swift Integrations:

Get CFX up and running on your platform in days, not weeks. Plus, enjoy zero rolling reserver requirements.

What our users think

Hear from our satisfied users about our efficient transaction times, affordable fees, and unparalleled service.


Fast transaction times and low fees. Thanks for the service

Jordan Kershaw

Smooth, instant transaction
Very smooth instant transaction. Impressed

Luciano Gatti

Low fee cost, and transactions is fast only takes minutes To get my Bitcoin ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love it

Fernando Rangel

I actually really like the identification process, it is easy and secure.. Thank you

Randolph Rosso

Easy purchase
Easy purchase for an old guy who doesn’t know anything about Cryptocurrency.


Fast and easy
Once you process the transaction, the funds are available almost immediately. Fast, easy and secure

William Blant

Great Service Provoded
I added My payment method in an easy way and the purchased cryptos arrived immediately. So, it was a great experience to me…


Great way to buy crypto directly through a self custody wallet. Would recommend and use again!


Fast and reliable also low minimum deposit is the plus for me

How CFX Works

Our platform is designed for simplicity without compromising on efficiency. From seamless integrations to transparent fee structures, we prioritize your business needs.

CFX integrates directly into merchants' existing payments systems.

Deposit instantly with one of dozens of fiat currencies

Pick from region-specific payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bank Transfers, and Credit/Debit card payment methods.

Transparent fees and exchange rates mean you know when you're getting before you deposit.

We’ve seen that partnering with a third-party PSP has three major pain points

James Messi

Team Lead, Payment Ops

Trusted Money Services Business, Globally Recognized.

Partner with a Regulated Entity

MSB Registration Number: 31000149655477

At CFX, we tailor solutions to fit your business’s distinct needs, from products and geographies to diverse payment requirements. Let’s enhance your onramp, offramp, and overall payment experience together.

CFX leverage Web3 technology to facilitate quasi-cash transactions. Without the need for reserves or dealing with chargebacks, we provide a cost-efficient solution with reduced fees.


Frequently asked questions
Not at all. Many of our clients prefer to use CFX only for instant credit, debit, apple/google pay, and bank transfer deposits of fiat currencies. If you prefer to allow your clients to buy both fiat and cryptocurrencies through CFX for deposit on your platform, this setup is also possible. However you choose to use CFX, you can still choose to receive settlements from us in whichever currencies you would like, fiat or crypto.
A stable coin is a digital version of a fiat currency like the Euro or the U.S. Dollar. Stablecoins are digital currencies which are “tied” to the value of their fiat counterpart because the company issuing the stable coin can prove that it has actual Euros or Dollars for every digital Euro or Dollar that it issues. Stablecoins have enormous utility in international finance because they can be sent and settled instantly anywhere on the globe. In other words, stable coins increase the velocity of money which means you and your clients can make moves faster.
The transactions are coded as 6051 which is quasi-cash and includes purchases like money orders.
The identity verification serves to prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring, which are often one of the main cause of chargeback issues and disputed transactions. By conducting this identity verification, we can virtually eliminate disputed transactions.

Drawing from our extensive experience, we provide rates that stand out favorably against other leading PSPs globally.

CFX is a software-based payments solution and aggregator owned and operated by Chicago Payment LLC, an Illinois company registration number 13473161
137 N Oak Park Ave Ste 215, Oak Park, IL, 60301-1340